Spraying & Fertilising


Helinorth helicopters experienced team approach to spraying any property, begins with the ground crew arriving in a 4×4 Toyota Landcruiser and fuel tanker with all necessary water pumping equipment, delivery hoses and chemical if required. This highly experienced and trained crew will be on the lookout for the best water source and helicopter loading area whilst identifying any hazards. They are in direct radio contact with the pilot.

All work is completed using GPS technology for accuracy within 0.5metre to ensure the chemical is applied evenly and accurately on the job. With many years of spraying in the areas we work, we know the best water rate and chemical rate for the most successful and cost effective result.

All pilots and Ground Crew have all the necessary Licences and certificates for applying and carting chemical


Helinorth Helicopters have been spreading fertiliser by helicopter for over 20 years. During this time we have developed the most cost effective and efficient systems for both spreading and handling fertilisers whether it be in bulk or bags. We can apply Urea, DAP, Superphosphate, Lime, RPR and various pasture blends. These products get applied on Forestry, maize, crops and general pasture.

Why use a helicopter to spread your fertiliser. There are many reasons, Accuracy of application, no fertiliser in the waterways or over the bush, no worries about your airstrip being OSH safe or too wet for fixed wing. If the ground is wet groundspeaders leave wheelmarks everywhere and can’t get to those steepersidelings.When spreading Urea on Maize or crops there is no damage to the crop where groundspreaders can crush 10 – 15% of it.

Helinorth Helicopters are equipped with specialised GPS equipment for accuracy and efficient application of fertiliser. More fertiliser where you want it, more money in your pocket. The cost to apply fertiliser by helicopter can be worth looking at as it can be very cost effective.

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