Fire Fighting Operations

Rapid Response – Team

Helinorth Helicopters use collapsible monsoon buckets that easily transport in the helicopter in a bag, which are filled from the ocean, lakes, farm dams or medium sized rivers. We have the ability to fly two machines quickly covering an area from Whangarei through to Tauranga, we carry extra fuel on board to allow time for ground crew to arrive. With fuel tankers in tow.

Helinorth Helicopters can respond quickly to a fire emergency, and work closely with Forestry Companies, The department of Conservation and Councils as part of their network of service providers for air support.

Helicopters & Equipment

AS350 B2 Squirrel – 1000L capacity or 5 passengers
Equipment: Collapsible monsoon bucket – Cedax foam injection system

Helinorth Helicopters equipment list includes Fire Lighters, They are required for lighting fires. For example, if a Farmer wants to burn off a crop, or a controlled area. Fire Lighters dispense a powder to petrol mix which turns into a ball of jelly, when dispersed out of the Fire Lighter it passes an electrode that ignites the jelly, when it hits the ground it spreads out over the ground.

Pilots: Our pilots have many thousands of flying hours on various types of commercial operations and used to flying in remote areas.

Ground Support: Ground staff and vehicles are supplied at no extra cost; Ground staff are trained in helicopter support and hold all the necessary dangerous goods licenses. Four wheel drive vehicles ensure adequate fuel is on site for the helicopters refuelling. The team have radio communication with the pilot and can work closely with the Fire Chief on the ground. All Helinorth Helicopters are equipped with GPS navigation equipment and can fly to a way point established by GPS on the ground.

Training: Several times a year Helinorth Helicopters works with the NZ Fire Service trainers teaching fire-fighters how to work with and around helicopters for aerial support

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