Agricultural Services


Helinorth Helicopters offer a wide range of services to the forestry Industry. All spraying is undertaken with low drift booms to ensure no off target drift.

Spraying & Fertilising

Helinorth helicopters experienced team approach to spraying any property, begins with the ground crew arriving with all necessary equipment.

Fert Me

Helinorth Helicopters are committed to the significant advantages of the recently patented Suspension Fertiliser Application System which delivers greater benefits.

Commercial Services

Helinorth Helicopters also provide commercial services ranging from Charters, Lifting, Fire Fighting, Film & Photography. Interested? Click the link below for our full list of details.

Heli Adventure

Helinorth Helicopters offer Heli fishing trips and can get you onto the big ones, around Great Barrier Island and the northern tip of Coromandel.

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