Helinorth Helicopters are specialist with over thirty years experience in the forestry industries.

Helinorth Helicopters offer a wide range of services to the forestry Industry. All spraying is undertaken with low drift booms to ensure no off target drift. Dothistroma is the exception to this Micronair fan nozzles used.


  • Seedling transport
  • Staff transport
  • Desiccation
  • Dothi spraying
  • Oversowing
  • Top dressing
  • Release spraying
  • Fire lighting
  • Fire fighting
  • Health survey

Helinorth Helicopters entire fleet are equipped with specialised GPS global positioning system equipment. We also have the ability to use computerized chart systems to download chart files to show boundaries. At times it may be necessary to take the Forester in the helicopter to plot the boundaries in our system.

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