Commercial Services


Helinorth Helicopters are available for charter from passenger transfer to your favourite lodge or town throughout New Zealand to land survey. This is the only way to see NZ and the land below.


Helinorth Helicopters have many years experience in lifting timber, construction materials, concrete and metal into remote places that are inaccessible by any other means.

Film & Photography

One of Helinorth Helicopters Main point of difference would be the Squirrel B2 helicopter has a drop down window particularly better if you are doing a multitude of shoots and sites.

Fire Fighting

Helinorth Helicopters use collapsible monsoon buckets that easily transport in the helicopter in a bag, which are filled from the ocean, lakes, farm dams or medium sized rivers.

Agriculture Services

Helinorth Helicopters also do agricultural services ranging from Spraying & Fertilising, to Forestry. Interested? Click the link below for our full list of details.

Heli Adventure

Helinorth Helicopters offer Heli fishing trips and can get you onto the big ones, around Great Barrier Island and the northern tip of Coromandel.

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