Health and Safety

Helinorth’s policy is to provide a safe environment for their pilots and ground crew and to preserve their health and well being while performing their duties.

  • Helinorth has a comprehensive Health and Safety policy in place.
  • Six weekly to two monthly safety meetings are held with staff and at these meetings staff are encouraged to participate in reviewing and updating safety policy and rules.

Our fully trained pilots and ground crew understand the dangers of working around helicopters and with a variety of specialised equipment and follow a safety plan for on the ground and around the hanger.

For on the job safety we would carry out a health and safety checklist (covers power lines etc) and conduct a briefing on the day with the entire crew addressing relevant issues pertaining to the job.

At Helinorth we have had years of experience in lifting in confined spaces, moving farming equipment and moving construction materials for commercial or domestic uses.

Air Operator Certificate

Helinorth have a 135 Air Operator Certificate, which requires us to have a full standard set of complex operating manuals and we are required to have a high standard of maintenance.


This Company has a current legal liability policy for not less than $10,000,000.00 and fire fighting contingency of $500,000.00.


All machinery, vehicles, trailers and auxiliary equipment are regularly maintained, fully licensed, registered and carries the appropriate insurance cover.

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